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nourish-with-nancy-logoWelcome! My name is Nancy Ristau and health and nutrition are my passion!

It’s never too late to change. I know first hand the toll stress and unhealthy habits can take on our bodies. I’ve been there and have overcome many lifetime issues in my mid 40’s. Better nutrtition, stress reduction techniques and a great Health Coach can make a huge difference. I specialize in supporting those who are struggling with a loved one’s addiction. Too often, we end up taking care of everyone else but ourselves and need to practice what I call “extreme self-care”. I will help you implement a program based on Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. principles (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition).  I combine my Health Coaching certfications from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with my real-life experience. Together we will work together to implement strategies that work best for you, because health is not “one size fits all” In addition, I’m a GSGlife Instructor, an amazing Company that offers lifestyle changing raw, organic, allergen free products. Through GSGLife, I teach simple techniques using real food that can immediately boost your nutrition up to 700% in one day over the average SAD (Standard American Diet).

Let me show you how simple, rewarding and life changing it is to go LEAN by calling today to schedule a free 45 minute wellness consultation at 636-485-7356

Online Classes

Gain the accountability and knowledge of a personal wellness coach while learning from home! Learn easy ways you can simplify your life while improving your overall health, weight, energy, and focus.I offer monthly PRIME and LEAN start programs with a weekly conference call and a facebook support group support page.

Personalized Consultations

Need some extra assistance in achieving your health goals, knowing what to eat, when to eat it, or how to shop for quality foods? I offer a variety of one-on-one wellness solutions for those seeking a personalized guide to better health. I provide weekly or twice monthly one-on-one sessions as well as a 1 time stay on track goal setting sessions.

Group Presentations

My fun, interactive and educational health and wellness presentations are memorable and packed full of practical, affordable tips and advice. Perfect for community events, health fairs, business luncheons, schools, and more! Some of my offering a Sugar Detox 101, Detoxing Your Environment as well as a LEAN essentials mini session.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

Dr. Sear’s and the 4’s of Healthy Eating

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the pills, supplements, shakes and other products that promise you better health and weight loss? It can be really frustrating! Over the next few weeks I'm going to give you some simple concepts that can get you on track.  For now,...

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No Whey!

I’ve pretty much had a life long love affair with cheese. I’m one of those people who could “never” be a vegan because you, know, cheese. It doesn’t really matter what kind of cheese, it pretty much just needs to be cheese. Unfortunately, I’ve recently become aware...

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What people are saying…

Coach Nancy is very passionate and is truly someone who cares about being healthy. She takes the time to help you out when you are not sure which direction to go as far as “being on a healthy track” She made the experience a positive one.

Lisa C.

Coach Nancy, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our session yesterday. I can already feel myself beginning to get motivated to get healthier! Thanks again for putting me in your corner!

Julie Q.

I participated in a Traffic Light Eating workshop and learned so much in a short amount of time. It has really made me stop and think whenever I go grocery shopping to buy food for my granddaughters about making better choices for all of us.

Josie R.

I attended one of Nancy’s workshops with two of my friends. We came away with really good information and examples of healthier snacks and are now sharing ways to cut back on sugar. It was a very worthwhile workshop.

Jeanne C.